The Cayman Islands special economic zone Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) is gaining momentum. According to this video clip from Cayman27 more and more companies are setting up shop there.

Much of the business has been facilitated by Global Business Development Manager Sheridan Robinson. With 40 companies signed up under her guidance, Ms. Robinson and her team brought in nearly half of the 85 firms now operating in the special economic zone. She says she’s seeing the momentum build. Ms Robinson is working with another 191 international companies, which she hopes will join Cayman Enterprise City in the near future.

CEC recently announced a move to the Flagship Building due to the demand in business. Plans are in the works to build a permanent campus for the zone.

According to the CEC website:

Cayman Enterprise City is a knowledge-based and technology focused Special Economic Zone located in the tax-neutral Cayman Islands. You can quickly and cost-effectively set up an offshore Cayman company with a genuine offshore physical presence to generate active business income from the Cayman Islands as part of your global tax mitigation structuring. Take advantage of Cayman’s jurisdictional and tax benefits along with a series of appealing concessions granted by the Cayman Islands Government, whilst operating from an OECD and World Bank compliant Special Economic Zone.

Beneftis include:

  • 100% exempt from corporate tax
  • 100% exempt from capital gains tax
  • 100% exempt from sales tax
  • 100% exempt from income tax
  • 100% exempt from import duties
  • 10 day fast-tracked set-up of operations
  • English-speaking British Territory
  • 5 year work visas granted in 5 days
  • IP owned offshore
  • Strategic base to access global markets
  • Convenience of NY/EST time zone
  • Cross networking opportunities
  • Currency pegged to the US dollar
  • Safe, secure, first-world infrastructure
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