I recently came across this interesting biotech speculation:

Like the equity boom generally, the biotech boom is at least partially an artificial one, manufactured by the same forces that are steadily driving up the stock market. But there are other forces at work when it comes to Biotech. As noted previously in these pages, the aging of Baby Boomers is driving numerous biotech-related trends.

Aesthetic medicine is a sub-dominant social theme that includes a High Alert venture capital investment opportunity: Biologix Hair. There are great amounts of wealth to be generated by part of the powerful anti-aging trend overtaking the Baby Boomer generation at home and abroad. Even generational wealth creation is a real possibility.

As I have stated, “This is one idea that I believe has the potential to deliver exceptional investment returns – the elusive ‘tenbagger’ return I look to be leveraged to from an investment and time perspective.”

The initiative, Biologix, is the subject of a High Alert Capital Partners research report completed by High Alert’s Director of Institutional Research, Joseph Hogue, CFA and his Institutional Research team. This report is available at High Alert Capital Partners.

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Source: The Daily Bell

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